EBook Deals

Tor has informed me that two of my titles will be receiving an eBook downprice promotion. They are:

SOLAR EXPRESS $2.99 on March 4th

OUTCASTS OF ORDER $2.99 on March 10th

According to Tor, this promotion will tease new titles in both of the eBooks for THE ONE-EYED MAN and THE MONGREL MAGE respectively. In particular the promotion for SOLAR EXPRESS is tied into the upcoming film release of Captive State.

In addition, SOLAR EXPRESS will be part of Kindle Goldbox while OUTCASTS OF ORDER will be part of a Macmillan Goldbox as well as being on BookBub. 

2 thoughts on “EBook Deals”

  1. Wine Guy says:

    I hope this does not reduce your royalties in any way.

    1. It’s a trade-off. I don’t get as much per book, but a lot of people pick up the reduced price ebooks that never would otherwise.

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