March Question

Tor just revealed a new set of covers for the first three Recluce books. Was this really necessary?

Necessary? Perhaps not, but covers are one of the reasons why readers buy some books and don’t pick up others. The artwork on the early Recluce books was painted, and it was indeed painted by Darrell Sweet, more than twenty-five years ago. The marketing people tell me that it doesn’t have the same appeal to present-day younger readers as it once did. In addition, I personally believe that the new covers show more of the sweep of the Recluce books as well as provide a bit more accurate “feel.” In the end, the readers will determine whether marketing people and I are right.

24 thoughts on “March Question”

  1. Mike M says:

    These covers look amazing. Will these be coming out in hardcover?

    PS – Looking forward to your visit to our Comic Con here in Indiana!

    1. Alas, no. The covers are just for the mass market paperbacks. However, Tor is looking into the possibility of issuing a limited number of prints of the artwork. Whether they will or not, I don’t know yet.

  2. Brian says:

    Where can I see the new covers? Amazon doesn’t show them and I don’t see them on Is there another place to keep up with things like this?

    1. They were posted on on Wednesday. They’re still there, but they won’t be on the books until October.

  3. Ryan Jackson says:

    Would love to see this idea carried further.

    Maybe have different books have covers that sync of with some of these but at different time periods?

    We have The Ruins of Frven. How about a Colors of Chaos rework that shows that exact same view of the city at Ceryll’s height?

    If my theory about Beltur’s path is right, maybe a book showing the founding of the city?

    Maybe Fall of Angels shows the same picture of Westwind but with just Tower Black?

    Not sure how practical or likely, but the idea is solid.

    1. This is a semi-pilot project. If it goes well, there will likely be more like it.

  4. Steven says:

    Thank You, I just finished your: Solar Express, Well written, realistic,fun, I am a great Scifi Buff,I was very pleased when the DOEA team arrived & it was only Chris ( I did Promise) I was also surprised by the Death Notice on the next page,BUT WAS Very Happy to see the results, Nobel Prize,Credit for the theory of GTS, as well the New Drive, Also that Chris & Alanya married, he credit and promotion to General & Space Commander. Doing the math, showed they spent many years together, But Best part Was the 2 Daughters & 5 Grandchildren! As a Scifi, It was also a nice LOVE Story Too! As a Military Vet, it still brought a few tears to my eyes, (Happy Ones)I will look at some of your other books soon.

  5. Wine Guy says:

    Steven – spoilers, good sir. Spoilers. Some of us haven’t had the chance to read the book yet.

  6. Without a doubt Recluse books are the greatest series I’ve ever read. In between publications I’ve also read all your other fantasy series as well. Your unique style pulls you in as a reader, each book really makes you care for the characters and their individual stories, everyone a treat Thanks

    1. Kalyani Poluri says:

      I have read every one of your published books. I love the way you analyze the human experience in all the different worlds. I love the philosophy, theology especially in imagers portfolio. I just finished the grand illusions series. I wanted more stories from you so reread imagers portfolio, corean chronicles and started recluse reread to catch up for the new recluse books.Some of the Rationalists are very similar to the Ifrits or Efrans of the Corean chronicles. I know after reading Timegod’s world that there are definitive connection there to Recluce series. Is there also connection between Corean world and Recluce ? Are there Ifrits stranded in the world of Recluce as welll ?

      1. There are no Ifrits stranded in or on the world of Recluce; they’re too unbalanced to survive.

  7. Alex says:

    So, I would like to write a letter to the author of the book series.

    1. I am the author, and I personally reply to all comments on the website. No special assistants or the like.

      My email address is on the website. Email me, and I’ll be happy to reply.

  8. Michael F Conlon says:

    I share a Navy career – I was a Chief, and also a Corpsman who was a Preventive Medicine tech. That covers epidemiology technician as well as industrial hygeine tech. Also Environmental Health tech, which got me a big kick out of your Ecolitan series.

    The Archform-Beauty and Spell Singer series had to have been somewhat influenced by your wife, due to the singing. Both were favorites, like your whole canon as far as I get any of it. Thanks very much.

  9. Peter Bowron says:

    Any chance of better maps for Recluce, Imager Portfolio, etc. I confuse easily.

    As to covers, I picked up The Saga of Recluce many years ago (when there were about 4 in the series,) on the basis of the cover, and bought it spec based on the description on the back. Haven’t stopped since. Did the same with Terry Pratchett – you are not allowed to follow the same path!

    1. I will eventually, die, that is, but remember I was born 4 1/2 years before Sir Terry.

  10. Donna says:

    Okay! I’m almost through all the sci fi and have read all the series. I’m thee-quarters way through The Eternity Artifact and for some reason only just realized again that “wait! THIS is my favorite one” only I thought the same about The Ethos Effect and the one before that and The Octagonal Raven and all the ones before those and all the ethics, philosophies, psychology, moral quandaries and adventures I could hope for. The last couple of years have been some of the best of all reading. Thank you—I can’t tell you how much.

  11. Casey says:

    Sorry, completely off topic…
    I found an old post of yours where you linked or something to find discounted ebooks provided you could prove you own a hard-copy. That site no longer seems to exist, and I was wondering if TOR or Macmillan had since made similar arrangements elsewhere? I noticed a month or two ago Amazon had some great specials going (and I took a couple days too long to decide that I should pull the trigger on several of your titles as they had since moved back to full price); are you aware of any planned specials in the future? I’m trying to avoid doubling my costs to obtain something I already own, but I also do not wish to pirate anything of yours (and I won’t). Any insight you could please offer?

    1. I don’t know of any new arrangement similar to I have been posting when I know of low promotional prices, and I’ll continue to do so.

  12. Donald says:

    What will be the next book for Recluse Series after Fairhaven Rising?

  13. DJ Fomby says:

    Quite surprised there are not more questions over the years. I haven’t finished Imagers Intrigue. I was surprised to discover you started in the future with this series snd go back in the past with more recent ( our time) books. Assuming you don’t kill off Rhenn, chances of continuing his saga? You created such a strong character, embodying him with such life. I almost feel your stories read like a screenplay. So- chances of additions to the Imagers Portfolio after the Grand Illusion ( which has characters I’m also quite attached to!) ? And you’ve had no approaches for TV or film treatments? Whether or not it’s the case, Thank you for many hours of enjoyable reading,sir!

    1. Currently, I’m working on Recluce books. After that, we’ll have to see.

      At this point, I’ve never had an approach by any studio or network for TV or film treatment of any book or story that I’ve written.

  14. Ryan C says:

    Will Tor be reprinting the remaining Saga of Recluce books with updated covers?

    1. There aren’t any plans in the works, so far as I know, and I think it’s unlikely given the change in reader buying patterns, particularly the massive decline in mass market paperback sales.

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