September Question

Will you continue to write Recluce novels and fill in the gaps in “history”?

The forthcoming Recluce Tales will fill in some gaps in the history of the world of Recluce, as will The Mongrel Mage, scheduled for release a year from this November, and its sequel, which I’m currently writing. After that, we’ll just have to see.

14 thoughts on “September Question”

  1. Hello
    I had grown tired of the SF & Fantasy but then I read again Corean cycle and regained love of reading again
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    As Swedish, I have read The Nordic Theory of Everything In Search of a Better Life, which provides an interesting “Perspektive” rating on the northward-for-a-better-life /
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  2. Wine Guy says:

    Teasers for not 1 but TWO Recluce books. It is a fine, fine day.

  3. Barry Schwindt says:

    I recently contacted my local library in Yakima Washington, requesting ebooks of the recluse series, sadly they replied that the cost was to much. being on SSD its difficult to find money to buy books anymore. Who knows maybe you can donate some of the ebooks to local libraries. I can hope of course.

    Love most of what i have read of your series not just recluse, i find them relaxing and exciting at the same time.

    1. I do donate books to both the local public library here, as well as to the high school library, but I neither have enough time nor books to do much beyond that, unfortunately,

    2. Michelle Costello says:

      I donated a bunch of my recluse books to the local library here when I started buying them on my Kindle. After that I noticed they continued to purchase the new ones as they released. Very glad to see a big collection there now.

  4. Wine Guy says:

    Towers of Sunset is the Book Club of the Month selection. Congratulations!

  5. Joshua Snedeker says:

    I’m an avid reader of the saga of recluse. I love this series. I was just wondering how many books for this series do you plan to write? I will buy all of them as I am able, but I’d just like to know so I can possibly but buy another bookcase just for your books

    1. I can’t really answer that question. I do know that, in addition to The Mongrel Mage, there will be at least one more Recluce book, which is not yet finished. After that, I can’t say, since I’m committed to another Imager Portfolio book after that, and trying to project what I’ll be writing a year from now hasn’t worked very well for me.

  6. When will the “Mongrel Mage” be released?

  7. Thank you! I have all the “Recluse” books and have read them several time. Longing for others.

  8. Carol Johnstone says:

    You may have answered this somewhere, but I’d really like to know the American equivalents of measures, particularly of time, or distance. How long is a quint? And how does one pronounce some of the names?
    Thank you.

    1. A quint is a fifth of a glass,and a glass is the equivalent of an hour.

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