April Question

I’ve had trouble reading some of the sections on your website with my smartphone. Have you thought about making the site more mobile friendly?

This is actually one of several questions I’ve had along this line, and I’m happy to announce, thanks to my webmaster/designer and general trouble-shooter, Eric James Stone, who is also a noted F&SF short story writer when he’s not at his day job, the site is now much more mobile friendly.

3 thoughts on “April Question”

  1. invah says:

    While we’re at it, would it be feasible to make it possible to sign up for email notifications if someone responds to your comment?

    1. At this point, my system isn’t set up with that degree of sophistication, and I’m already stretched thinner than I’d like.

      1. invah says:

        I figured that was the case. It is, honestly, a quibble.

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