June Question

Do you think you will ever write a Recluce book that takes place after The Death of Chaos?

As I’ve said before, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll ever write a Recluce book that takes place after The Death of Chaos, but I am working on a story collection entitled Recluce Tales, and there are two stories which take place several years after The Death of Chaos. It will likely be at least a year or two before this is finished, since, outside of the three stories already published [which will be included], all the other stories are original and unpublished.

4 thoughts on “June Question”

  1. alexander helphand says:

    Is it possible to send the author just an email expressing appreciation?

    1. Yes. The email address is listed in the “About the Author” section of the website.

  2. lee beagan says:

    I look forward to this collection.

  3. John Brown says:

    I too had wondered about the series in later years. Even though chaos and order had been evened out so well it would effectively stop anyone not using their personal order/chaos for outside effects, wouldn’t some of those having lost their “powers” seek to recreate them? Camma explosions or unlinked order could cause minor imbalances for those able to take advantage of it. The other idea I had was what would happen if another ship were to locate the planet, the forces of the planet would probably “kill” the ship, as it did with other forms of foreign technology, as well as conflicts of the cultures, or the previously mentioned unbalancing of order/chaos. It would be understandable that coming up with different ways to use each power, by good people with good intentions would be frustrating, and aside from Dorrins guide to order, little in the way of formal instruction was possible, in every instance, each user had to discover their own method of control and function. I intend to start some of your other series, I purchased most of the Recluse series, until the local bookstore closed, now the library is my primary source, at least until the paperbacks are released.

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