November Question

Given the story about Quaeryt in the earlier years of Lydar and then about the Collegium in the first three books of The Imager Portfolio,  it seems that some of the imaging techniques developed by Quaeryt were lost, despite the establishment of the Collegium Imagio.  How did this happen, and will you be writing another book that explains this?

I am indeed writing another Imager Portfolio book set roughly midway between the close of Rex Regis and the beginning of Imager.  In addition to telling another story about a different character, the book will also shed some light on the questions you raise.  Beyond that, I’m not about to say more, since I have a great deal more work to do on the book.

7 thoughts on “November Question”

  1. Wine Guy says:

    Another Imager book.

    Excellent. Very much looking forward to that, sir.

    Thank you.

  2. Sean says:

    Two new Recluce novels, and an Imager Portfolio story in the works? Rex Regis due to release in January? The next couple years will be great! Thank you, Mr. Modesitt.

  3. Jim Ewins says:

    I’ve just finished Rex Regis.It has been a very interesting and enjoyable read – as have almost all your works (Spellsong excluded) I am hooked. I keep asking myself which I’ll re-read for the nth time. I look forward to the next and hopefully several of the Imager series and the new Recluse tales.

    One would like to “measure up” to the princepts of the protagonist.

  4. Julia says:

    More Imager books. Wonderful news.
    I was thinking that it would be fascinating to discover how Solidar went from a monarchy to a more democratic (or Khellan) Council type of government. A good story to tell as well.

  5. Tessa Flottman says:

    I absolutely love the Imager Portfolio series and am glad to hear that you are not finished with it yet. Although I really don’t want their power to regress. Wow what an imagination. I really enjoyed these books and was very surprised that I did. I am usually not a science fiction person but this series I have loved. I took a chance and am thrilled that I enjoy it so much. Thank you!

    1. I’m glad you did take the chance… and thank you.

  6. ant b says:

    I love the imager portfolio series.. but I find them difficult to read.. is there a dictionary or vocabulary somewhere ??

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