September Question

Is there a recipe for burhka, for those of us who like really spicy food?

There isn’t a recipe for burhka, per se.  My personal sense of the dish is beef or lamb, in a brownish red sauce with the consistency and underlying taste of a thick curry, heated by the hottest jalapeno  peppers available along with a healthy dose of paprika, with slices of whatever root vegetables are available, served over noodles or rice.


5 thoughts on “September Question”

  1. Robert The Addled says:

    My own imagination has always placed it as some type of curry – Hottest Vindaloo or above, but of the stew-style curry from Japan.

  2. Jim S says:

    Interesting… I always read it as more along the lines of a chili than a curry.

  3. Ryan Jackson says:

    This answer made me go re-read the series specifically for the food recipes. I had sworn Burkha had mint in it. But found there was another spicy mint dish that wasn’t really named.

  4. Rich Tomkinson says:

    Personally, I much prefer the flavor of habaneros over jalapeños. They are also much hotter. I love to throw a couple dozen in a pot of whatever.

    1. Suzette Kath says:

      Ever tried Carolina Reapers? Hottest peppers currently.

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