August Question

Will any more of your science fiction books be published as audiobooks?

Right now, the only SF book of mine that appears in audiobook format is Haze, but Tantor will be releasing the forthcomng SF novel — The One-Eyed Man — as audiobook at roughly the same time as the hardcover appears in September.  If it sells well, there is always the possibility that they will consider publishing other SF books in addition to the fantasy titles.

3 thoughts on “August Question”

  1. Brett Currier says:

    My wife and I have really enjoyed listening to the first two Recluse books on audio (my second voyage…first was in print media). Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before additional volumes come out….

  2. B. Thomas Lewis says:

    I am an avid reader of all your books. I stumbled onto Recluse and havent’t stopped. I recently finished the final edition of the “Imager” series. This is the first time I have ever been disappointed in a book you wrote. the plot was like a fill in the blanks essay. The characters had no life. The “Council” was a meaningless phase, which seemed to be inserted Just to fill pages. I will continue reading you because I enjoy your work. On this one, you shot a blank. Final comment, You started the series at the end, and sort of finished at the beginning. Why leave us High and dry?

    B. Thomas Lewis

    1. Every so often a writer and a reader simply don’t connect. Given the great number of readers who disagree with your comments, I’d say this is likely one of those times. I certainly try to make the books entertaining and intriguing, but no author can satisfy all his or her readers all the times, and this is clearly a time when what intrigued and satisfied others didn’t strike the right chords with you. Unhappily, that does happen despite my best efforts. I would note that the Recluce books and the Imager books are different enough that I’ve also received comments from readers who could not stand the Recluce books praising the Imager books. Sometimes, it just is a matter of taste. I’m also somewhat confused by your comment about the “final edition” of the Imager Portfolio, because I’m not finished with the series. Rex Regis, the last book about Quaeryt and Vaelora, won’t even appear until January.

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