July Question

Is the new Matt Damon movie Elysium based on your novel?

For better or worse, at least from the trailers and descriptions, the movie bears little or no resemblance to my novel, The Elysium Commission. While I wouldn’t mind the royalties and additional book sales resulting from a movie deal, I suspect it would be a very mixed blessing.


2 thoughts on “July Question”

  1. Ossian Wisecup says:

    I am curious just how similar a movie (or another book) can be to another’s writings yet be a “New” work. I am sorry if this appears a bit targeted, but as soon as I saw the trailers for the movie, I thought of your book and asked myself if they were related.

    p.s. I do truly like your books and can appreciate the current extremes with which a more moderate mind has to contend.

  2. Josh Camden says:

    The Elysium movie seems to be based on the 1993 movie, Demolition Man, which in turn seems to be based on H.G. Wells’ Time Machine.

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