April Question

You don’t seem to be traveling or making as many appearances these days.  Why not?

The simple answer is money.  Because of the closures of so many bookstores [which limits the locations for signings] and the precarious state of the publishing industry, publishers are sending fewer authors on tour, and those tours –except for the very biggest bestsellers — tend to be shorter.  My publisher is no exception.  In addition, I’ve been invited to fewer conventions this year, and unless a convention is “local,” i.e., less than 280 miles away, or unless it’s World Fantasy Convention in the U.S., I generally don’t go unless someone else pays for it because the investment in travel, room, and food, not to mention time, gets very expensive very quickly.


7 thoughts on “April Question”

  1. David says:

    Hello Mr. Modesitt

    I’ve been a long fan of your Saga of Recluce books. Is there any plans moving setting beyond the events of “The Death of Chaos”? Next string of difficulies people will have to face in future setting, with newer technology possibly failing due return of Chaos/Order?

    1. I have no plans for a Recluce book set after the time of The Death of Chaos, and it’s highly unlikely that I will write one in that time period. I am working on a pair of Recluce novels, however, set in the time period, but not the locale[i.e., not in Lornth or Westwind], following Arms-Commander.

  2. Frank says:

    Has there ever been an interest in making any of your novels into movies? It seems to me that with the dearth of anything original out there in the story lines used, your novels would do very well.

  3. Only once has a producer shown any interest, and then he backed out, saying that what I wrote was too complex.

    1. Frank says:

      Yeah…Herbert, Asimov, Verne…just too complex…it’ll never catch on.

  4. dean rawls says:

    What happened to” HAMMER OF DARKNESS”? Did you put this project a the back burner or changed the name?

    1. The Hammer of Darkness was my second published book, way back in 1985. The last edition, still in print, and available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle, was published in April 2011.

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