February Question

When will the next Imager Portfolio book be released?

Antiagon Fire has a  scheduled release date of May 28, 2013.



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  1. Robert Bryan says:

    When will the next Imager Portfolio book be released?

  2. The Imager Portfolio book following Antiagon Fire is Rex Regis, and Tor has not set a publication date, although it appears that it will be about a year from now, give or take a month.

  3. Jason says:

    I greatly enjoyed it, but I am wondering if you realize how frustrating your choice of ending spots for Imager’s Battalion was? 🙂

    Thank goodness we only have to wait until May for the next one.

    Thanks for all your hard work to give us these wonderful stories.

  4. John M. says:

    Will Imager’s Battalion be sold through Audible?

    1. It’s produced by Tantor, but to date all Tantor productions have been available through Audible, and so far as I know there’s been no change.

      1. John M says:

        Thank You for the information. I have not been able to find it on Audible. I have purchases to all of the other Imager Portfolio books from them and am surprised to not see it on their “shelves”. I have contacted Tantor service department to check on the situation. Have a great day.

        1. One reason you may not have been able to find it on Audible is because it won’t be released until February 22nd.

  5. Kirk Anderson says:

    I’m now reading “The Order War.” When I got to chapter XLVII, toward the end of that chapter I read something that still has my jaw on the floor. This was after the Whites and their armies ran over the blacks on their way to Sarron. Justen had to escape into the desert. He eventually found a horse to ride.

    The first part of his comment refers to the trooper who used to ride the horse that he was now riding. It’s the last part of that sentence that has me completely confused. Here’s the whole sentence: “The mare’s former rider hadn’t been touched with chaos, but in the end, that hadn’t mattered. She had died, and so had thousands of Sarronnese. (Here’s the part I couldn’t believe when I read it): So had Clerve and Krytella. Justen’s eyes blurred, as did the visions of the redhead and the dark-haired guard”.

    What?! Exactly when did those two die? When I read a book, I read every word. I don’t skim like a lot of people do. I had just finished reading the entire battle, where the traitor Firbek attached gunnar, etc. I did not read anywhere where Clerve and Krytella had died in that battle.

    If I had read that, I would have stopped asap. I would have been stunned and really sad and upset, but I didn’t read one word of either of them dieing in battle.

    Please someone tell me what chapter(s) these two deaths were in. I can’t believe this. For me, there was no warning. I’m reading, and suddenly Justen mentions this. Talk about stunned!

  6. Kirk Anderson says:

    Oops. Disregard my question above about the deaths of Krytella and Clerve. I found my answer in chapter XLIII. I had forgotten that Krytella was a healer. Sorry about that. Wow, what a bummer!

  7. Kirk Anderson says:

    I just finished reading all the books in the ‘Saga of Recluse,’ and I’m on to ‘The Ecolitan Matter.’ However, the library has ‘The Ecologic Envoy’ and ‘The Ecolitan Enigma’ listed as the 3rd and 4th book of the series. In your books, you list them as the firt and fourth book respectively.

    ‘Ecolitan Operation’ and ‘Ecologic Secession’ don’t even show up. So, what is the correct order for reading?

    Is it (just as your other books suggest at the front of your books)?:

    1) The Ecologic Envoy
    2) The Ecolitan Operation
    3) The Ecologic Secession,
    4) The Ecolitan Enigma.

    Thank you for your time.

    Kirk 🙂

  8. Actually, the order you give is the order in which they were written and published, but the chronological order, and the best reading order, is:

    The Ecolitan Operation
    The Ecologic Secession
    The Ecologic Envoy
    The Ecolitan Enigma

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