January Questions

Some of the Recluce books are out of print.  Will the publisher reprint them?

Currently, there are two Recluce books out of print — Scion of Cyador and The Order War. All the other Recluce books are in print. That doesn’t mean every bookstore will have them at any one time, unfortunately. I’ve brought the matter of the two out of print books up to Tor, and Tor will decide in the next few weeks whether to reprint them, although I’m hopeful that they will.

Will the Recluce books ever be available in audiobook format?

I’ve been asked this question more than a few times, but I wanted to update people on the situation. Although my current audiobook publisher, Tantor Media, is committed to releasing The Imager Portfolio in audiobook format, to date, Tantor has not shown any interest in publishing the Recluce books in audio format. Nor has any other audiobook publisher… and I don’t have the equipment, the time, or the talent [or speaking voice] to do a decent job on my own.

7 thoughts on “January Questions”

  1. Sean says:

    Do you have an update on if TOR will republish Scion of Cyador and the Order War?

  2. I’ve been told that Tor will reprint Scion of Cyador and The Order War, but has not decided whether they will reprint as mass market or trade paperbacks. Yes, I know trade paperbacks don’t fit on the shelf and cost more individually, but because of a number of economic and printing issues, trade paperbacks are often more cost-effective [and I hate that term as well].

  3. Bartleby the Scrivener says:

    Is there a place for us to contact Tantor and beg for Recluce audiobooks?

    1. The only email I have is either that of the rights department [which won’t help] or the consumer inquiry email, which might, and is: service@tantor.com

  4. Peter Keller says:

    Amazon.com lists audiobooks of both the Imager Portfolio, as well as the first Recluce book, with the second to be released soon.

  5. Trevor says:

    Do you retain enough rights in order for you to release audiobooks of the Saga of Recluce on your own?

    1. Although I do retain the audiobook rights, since the time this question was posted Tantor has agreed to publish all the Recluce books in audio format, and to date has released the first four — through The Magic Engineer. The remainder will be published over the next year at roughly six week intervals.

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