December Question

Which of your “Ghost Books” do you regard your best?  I was fascinated with The Empress of Eternity and enjoyed The Eternity Artifact. I am not much into the ghosts and occult, but would like to try whichever book you regard as the best of this series.

I can’t pick out one book of these three as the “best,” because the “ghost” books are essentially what was once called a novel in two volumes and a sequel. The three books are not what I’d call occult in any sense of the word. They’re an alternate history with a thriller/detective plot in which ghosts are real electromagnetic occurrences, the results of which change the history of the our world. I’d recommend beginning with the first book, Of Tangible Ghosts, but if you want a slightly better overall “deal,” you might want to pick up Ghosts of Columbia, which contains the first two novels, plus the “historical” afterword that I wrote to explain some of the ways in which the existence of ghosts has changed history.


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