September Question

Will you write more Imager Portfolio books about Rhennthyl”

I can understand the wishes of a number of readers who have posed this question, but it’s highly unlikely that I will do so.  That’s because the challenges that face Rhenn in the years after the events in Imager’s Intrigue will be of the subtle, tedious, and wearying kind that will drive men — and readers — to tear out their hair, without that much in the way of true excitement.  Any book that provided gripping excitement and increasing tension that could be relieved by heroic action would be false to Rhenn and the world in which he lives, and any book true to him and the world wouldn’t be that much fun or hold that much interest for most readers… and I’m not interested in writing either of those books.


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  1. Tim says:

    I am no author, but I would have thought that there was more mileage in establishing Rhennthyl as the Maiitre d’Image with all the responsibilities that brought. Mind you, I thought the same about Roger Zelazny’s Amber series.

  2. There won’t be a struggle over the succession. There’s no one left close to Rhenn in ability… and he’ll never have to make a decision as tough as those he’s already made.

  3. Mist says:

    I know that Rhenn would not feature as main character in another novel. However, I have to ask could he pop up as a background or support character in another novel, as some of your characters in the Recluse novels did?

    1. Having Rhenn show up as either a background character or as a historical figure is possible, but not high on my probability list.

  4. Nordom says:

    If that’s the case, what would probably be more interesting is hearing third-hand about whatever few, (well, you make it sound like a few…or even none), major events that happened afterwards during his…”reign”. But then we’d have to jump further down the timeline…which would mean an entire new Imager series.

    A more pertinent question, I think, is if there is going to be another series after Quaeryt’s.

    1. Nordom says:

      Excuse me, you made it sound like few*…at least in comparison to what had already occurred.

  5. Ryan Jackson says:

    I think stories like this already exist, just that since they don’t nessecarily sell well as an Antaognist we get them in the backgrounds.

    If you want a glimpse of Rhenn as Maitre I’d say you can get it by looking at other characters in Mr Modesitt’s books. From Rhenn’s own bosses, to Rahl’s Mentor, to the beginnings of the fourth SpellSong book with Anna, or Justin’s activities in Lerris’ stories. For that matter I think Nylan’s first book is a good example of the Hero turned to mundane life (at least until the end)

    It’s often fun to see these heroes past the point where heroics are needed and see how they deal with the world when they can’t make the big sweeping gesture.

    1. Ryan Jackson says:

      Above should say Protagonist. My apologies.

  6. Nathan Wiltse says:

    While I can understand there not being any challenge to him ascending to the top seat eventually, it seems to me there is at least one aspect of the time period that could still be explored.

    He has a daughter, unless he is willing to assign her constant protection, a way to strike at him is through her, specifically taking her as a means of forcing him to do something.

    Depending on the age she is when taken, and whether she has manifested any imager talents, the story could revolve around either the daughter’s pharsi heritage ( using things her mother and grandmother have taught her), or around some hybridization of the pharsi and imager training. Rhenn would likely have to trust his daughter to win free and proceed with what they have ordered him to do (while slowing it down as much as possible). Seliora is the more likely to have capabilities that would assist their daughter through various pharsi connections on different continents. Most of the antagonists haven’t really paid enough attention to the power multiplier she brings to Rhenn’s efforts.

  7. dswanson says:

    When will the next imager novel be published?

    1. Imager’s Battalion will be released on January 22, 2013.

  8. Peter says:

    Do you ever plan to do any Imager novels Pre Scholar? such as Bilburn or Rholan?

    1. I don’t have any plans for such at present. I won’t totally rule such out, but I have quite a few other books that I need to write.

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