May Question

Will you ever start another fantasy series with another different magic system?

That all depends on too many factors to consider.  Right now, I’m committed for almost a year in advance, in finishing the last book about Quaeryt in The Imager Portfolio and then to another Recluce book.  After that… I just haven’t thought that far ahead.  I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but I’d have to develop a very different magical concept… and that’s far from easy.

3 thoughts on “May Question”

  1. Pat says:

    Yes!! Another Recluce book is coming!

  2. Donald m Lemont jr. says:

    Easy no. but if anyone can swing it its you i am sure you do great work.

  3. Nigel Anderson says:

    OH im so happy to read that another Recluse Novel is in the works! My two favorite authors are LE Modesitt jr and Robert Jordan and sadly the Wheel of Time series just finished so im back to re reading the recluse series, im beyond pleased to know i can look forward to another recluse novel! Gives me something to look forward to now the wait for book 14 of wheel of time is over and done with.

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