April Question

Why are your blogs often so depressing?

I think the paradoxical answer to that is because I’m an optimist.  I really think that if I discuss difficult issues and problems people will consider them, and I hope that such discussions and thoughts will help lead to solutions.  One thing that I do know is that you can’t solve a problem that you refuse to acknowledge even exists… or one that you accept as a “fact of life,” rather than as a problem.

4 thoughts on “April Question”

  1. Marcus says:

    Precisely why I look forward to each post. The agreement on an answer is impossible until the question is asked in the first place. And you ask very good questions.

  2. Bain says:

    The posts on this site are thoughtful and well written, in this society people want to be entertain to much. Would you prefer a lie? Consider this old saying “Common Sense is not Common” by Will Rodgers. Thank you Mr. Modesitt

  3. Wine Guy says:

    I agree: too often people ask questions that miss the mark because they fear the answer if they ask the correct one.

  4. Jason says:

    It is all too easy to go along so that we get along. I find it disturbing that the concept of an employee who brings a companies bad (illegal or immoral) practices to light is so negatively looked at and referred to with names such as snitch or whistleblower.

    Where has the concept of decency and doing the right thing gone in our culture? It may be difficult, but until someone is brave enough to point out that there are problems, those problems will never be addressed.

    So, I agree. Keep the thoughtful blogs coming!

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