July Question

Are there going to be any more Recluce books? Say one about Southwind? Or Suthya?

As I’ve noted earlier, but will repeat since I’ve received so many questions about this recently, there will be at least one more book in the Saga of Recluce.  It will be, however, several years before I finish it, for a number of reasons, but especially because I’m committed to finishing the current subseries of The Imager Portfolio first.

3 thoughts on “July Question”

  1. Toperz says:

    I’m looking forward for more Recluce Saga books~! :]
    It doesn’t matter when they will be finished as long as they will be published.
    But since there are only 6 books of that saga translated to my mother language I’ve started to read next ones in English. That takes me longer than usual, so probably next book will be released before I finish reading all the others ^__^

  2. michael says:

    hello, ive read a lot of fantasy novels over the years by the like’s of raymond e. fiest,David gammel,jenny wurts etc.,etc., but when i read the novel the towers of the sunset,i was gobsmacked it was amazing but i wish that you would have written a second novel of creslin. i felt that you had left this particular story unfinished and left your devoted fans wanting more. will you consider a secondary novel for creslin?

    1. Because I felt, and still do, that a second novel about Creslin and Megaera would be anti-climactic, I chose not to write another, and it remains highly unlikely that I will in the future.

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