June Question

Why isn’t The Death of Chaos available on Kindle, when all your other fantasy novels are?

I asked the good folks at Tor about this, and they report that the electronic format was sent to Amazon six  months ago.  They’ve also contacted Amazon about this, over a week ago, but so far it’s still unavailable.  While I’d be the first to admit that often publishers have not been as speedy or responsive as they should be, not all glitches are on the part of the publisher.  A number of times Amazon has been slow to change prices [downward] on my ebooks, even though Amazon was notified well in advance, and many readers have immediately jumped on Macmillan for price-gouging and the like.  Just remember, both the publishers and Amazon have agendas… not just the publishers.


2 thoughts on “June Question”

  1. jackie lloyd-jones says:

    are your books going to formated in any other way than kindle
    i have a sony e-book and i can not download the kindle format to it
    i have most of your books in paperback but like to buy them again in e-book but i would have have 2 e-books and i think it is unfair to force people to buy just the kindle
    you are missing out on royatlies this way

  2. Lee says:

    A free (donation supported) program called Calibre will translate ANY current e-book format to ANY other e-book format. Buy the Kindle version and translate to you Sony reader. This is a win for all. You get the book. Amazon gets the sale, L.E. gets his royalties and (hopefully) you then make a donation to Calibre.

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