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For your next Recluce book, will you follow your pattern of two books per main character and write again about Saryn?

While I have usually written two books about a given character in the Saga of Recluce, this has not always been the case.  There is only one book about Creslin and Megaera, only one about Dorrin, and only one about Justen.  Although I have learned as a writer not to declare firmly that I will or won’t write some particular book, it is highly unlikely that I will write a second book about Saryn, simply because, as I see it, she has surmounted the greatest challenges she could face, and any sequel would either be unrealistic or anti-climactic.  That is not to say that there won’t be more Recluce books, only that there will not be one immediately forthcoming, as I’m committed to finishing two more books in The Imager Portfolio before writing anything else.

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  1. Robert The Addled says:

    I’ve always felt that your pattern w/ Recluce (and most of your writing) has been to write enough to convey the necessary elements – no more – no less. Benefits to this is that EVERY bit of writing furthers the plot – and might convey hidden meanings – making the re-reads even more enjoyable. The hazard when adding new books to an established series is usually one of conflicting information – usually by referencing information that was revealed/developed much later (temporally) within the series.

  2. Albert Lavigne says:

    Mr. Modesitt;

    First of I’m thrilled that the Immager portfolio is going to continue as that world is full and interesting as has everything I’ve read of yours to date.

    I was wondering if you are planning/considering a follow up to the Ethos Effect, or perhaps something that spans the time between the Parafaith war & Ethos Effect. I know you must get a ton of will you ever write…. again and it’s tough to balance the desire to fill out series against all of the ideas you must have swirling in your head.

    Thank you for your time

    1. At present, I have no plans for another book in the world of The Parafaith War, and it’s likely to be a while before I consider what I’ll write after the next books in The Imager Portfolio, since I have two more to do to finish the current “subseries.”

  3. David Farnham says:

    However, Justen makes cameo appearances in “The Magic of Recluse”, the first Kharl the cooper book and “The Death of Chaos” and Dorrin makes a couple in the “Colors of Chaos/White Tower”. Several of the characters in “Arms Commander” also appeared in “Fall of Angels” and its sequel.

    1. I think you missed the point, Those books were not specifically about those characters.

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