April Question

Is there a chronology for the Corean Chronicles?

There is not an “official” published chronology for the Corean Chronicles, but the three “choice” books occur first in “real” time, beginning with Alector’s Choice, Cadmian’s Choice, and Soarer’s Choice, followed roughly two hundred years later by the duology of The Lord-Protector’s Daughter and Lady-Protector.  Some 1500 years passes after the duology before the beginning of Legacies, Darknesses, and Scepters.

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  1. Adri Perring says:

    We’re avid readers of your books. We cannot find many in South Africa, most bookshops do not know you, pity, I’m trying to educate them, but is met with blank stares. I would like to order whole series’ and keep them on my bookshelf. Your writing is brilliant and the books a pleasure to read (and re-read!) Will appreciate your advice greatly-whom to order from (whole series), as well as how to make payment, postage etc. Thanks! Adri Perring

  2. I obviously don’t try to purchase my books from locales in other countries, but over the past year or so several readers have reported that they have had good experiences with The Book Depository [www.bookdepository.com], a British firm, I believe, both in terms of price and shipping costs. I can’t personally vouch for them because I have no experience. I’ve purchased from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, with success, but never attempted to ship purchases outside the USA, while those readers who recommended the Book Depository have had such experiences.

    If any readers want to comment… please do.

    1. Dave Ansell says:

      I live in Australia & have used the Book Depository to have books delivered both here & to Switzerland. I’ve found them to be fast, reliable and cheap (they pay the postage) & altogether better than Amazon. Their website has a lsit of all countries who qualify for free shipping).
      Definitely recommended

  3. Adi says:

    quick question relating to the April question. will there be any more series after scepter? with Alucius and his daugther i mean. because the 4th-8th told the stories before Alucius time. what will happen next? does lanachrona wins all the lands? there are many factions that hasn’t been answered through the storyline. just realized that when i re-read the series

    thats all

    1. I honestly don’t know if I’ll write more books in the Corean Chronicles. If I do, it certainly won’t be for a while because I’m committed to writing projects for almost two years before I can turn to something else.

  4. mark irwin says:

    After picking up 6 books from the Corean Cycle at a book sale, I borrowed the other 2 from my local library, and started reading them 3 days ago. I am about to start on the 8th book. I have enjoyed them very much, the only negative being that they were, as published, written out of chronological order.
    Personally, I would like to see another book in the series, set immediately after ‘Soarers Choice’, possibly featuring the adventures of our newly minted night-sheep herder, Dainyl, as he learns the characteristics of his new trade, and deals with business competition, and the occasional rogue Alectors(like the one in ‘Lord-Protectors Daughter’)
    The details of the magic system, and the extensive details of character development make me wonder what kind of book could be produced if you could get together with authors with similar talents for world-building like Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts(authors of the ‘Empire’ trilogy).
    I am a would-be author who is only held back from publishing by a complete inability to come up with names for people and places.

  5. Melvin Kelly says:

    The best series of books ever written and I read a lot I am curious to find out what the daughter will do

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