March Questions

Why was there no February Question?

Let’s just say that the distractions in my life temporarily overwhelmed my organizational abilities.

The advance review for Lady-Protector from Library Journal is quite favorable, but the one from Kirkus isn’t.  Did they read the same book?

I would think so, but when in doubt, I tend to rely more on either Library Journal or Booklist because their reviews are written by librarians, and I tend to trust librarians more than critics or reviewers.  But then, since I’m trying to be honest, the librarians have generally liked my books, and what author doesn’t prefer reviewers who are positive about his or her books?

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  1. TK says:

    *Grins at your response* – having being a librarian and children’s champion in my younger days (I have had a varied and strange CV, which also included stints as a cheerleading coach, a computer games sales assistant and currently working in frontline child protection) – I give thanks. It’s nice to see the much under appreciated librarian lauded above a literary critic…

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