August Questions

Will there be a full map of the continent of Solidar?

I have submitted a map to Tor for the continent of Solidar at the time of the next book — Scholar — but I have not heard whether Tor will include the map.

Is there a historic/political basis for the Paradigms of Power  and Construct from Adiamante?

I don’t know of anyone who has postulated anything exactly like either, but I created them based on my own study of history and my own experiences in U.S. politics and government.

2 thoughts on “August Questions”

  1. Howard Brazee says:

    You had a line in the 3rd Imager novel that seemed like a quote in its context: “If they are rumors, their truth is false, and their deception true”.

    Is that a line which you had waiting for a good spot to write it?

    1. Actually… no. It came to me while I was writing that section.

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