July Question

Do you ever plan to return to writing in the Ecolitan universe?

At present, I have no immediate plans to write another Ecolitan book, but should I decide to do so, I’d most likely write about a different set of characters, in at least a slightly different time period.

8 thoughts on “July Question”

  1. Robert The Addled says:

    There are vague hints (similar names, political references) that the Ecolitan saga takes place early in the Forever Hero universe. Is this an accurate conjecture or merely a variations on a theme overlap?

  2. Variations on a theme — or , if you will, variations on possible futures stemming from our present.

  3. Cameron Goodfellow says:

    Wondering if you have any updated information on Lady Protector. I have either missed it if you did (in which case I apologize for asking again,) I immensely enjoyed the Lord Protector’s Daughter and am saddened that I must now wait. Any information would be appreciated.

  4. Lady-Protector is currently scheduled for release in hardcover in March 2011.

  5. Keir " the Curious" says:

    I was wondering how you came by the name Keir, for your book “HAZE”. As it is a rather rare name here in north America. My brother found your book while perusing the local Chapters, as we are both fans of yours, and since the main character shares my name, he bought it for my birthday.

    So how’d you come by the name ? Thanks for the birthday present!

    Cheers !

    1. I wish I could give a “cool” answer, but I liked the surname of Roget and was looking for a different first name that went with it… and recalled Keir from somewhere.

      1. L. E. Modesitt III says:

        Perhaps Keir Dullea, actor who portrayed Dave Bowman in 2001?

  6. Actually, it was a long time before that, Keir Gray from A.E. van Vogt’s Slan.

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