June Question

In one of your older books, you had mentioned that a Recluce exile had once become an emperor of Ham.  I wonder if you plan to develop Rahl’s story in that direction.

In “real” life, urban myth and rumors grow from small grains of truth, and I’ve tried to allow that to occur in the Saga of Recluce as well.  I would point out that , in reality, Rahl is in effect the real ruler of a province far larger than many countries in the world of Recluce and, indeed, far larger than Recluce itself.  There will not be another book about Rahl, but whether there will be another set in Hamor is still an open question… assuming I can come up with a good story.

7 thoughts on “June Question”

  1. Cliff Cohen says:

    In your Imager Portfolio series, Rhenn has many delicious sounding meals. Have you given any thought to providing the recipes for those meals?

    1. Because many of my books tend to mention — or over-mention, according to some readers — food, I’ve received a number of inquiries about doing a cookbook. At this point, however, that’s along ways in the future.

  2. Cameron Goodfellow says:

    I am waiting patiently for delivery of your most recent books “Arms-Commander” and “Imager’s Challenge” and a thought popped into my mind.

    Is Erde finished with, or could there be a future book, maybe with Secca’s children, or totally different with the next Sorcerer or Sorceress of Louiseau?

    1. There’s always a possibility of another Erde book, but if I write one, it will be in another time period with a totally different set of characters.

  3. Douglas Wright says:

    I was wondering why in your latest recluce book the timeline is off based on the ‘Towers of the Sunset.’ In the latest book Ryba’s the first Marshall from the Roof of the World has a child with Dorrin the Engineer that destroys Fairhaven, yet in the ‘Towers of the Sunset’ Fairhaven is still there and the Roof of the World is destroyed by the white wizards. As well in the latest book the arms commander helps establish Sarronynn but in ‘Towers of the Sunset’ Crestlin is betrothed to the sub-Tyrant of Sarronynn.

    1. You’re a bit mistaken. Dorrin doesn’t marry anyone from Westwind, but a woman trader. I’ll try to email you a timeline.

      1. Jennafer Carroll says:

        I’ve always wondered about the chronological order of the Recluce series. While some books of the series are easily put into order, some I have not been able to place into the timeline, in your last response you mentioned a timeline. I was wondering if I could also get a copy of this timeline and why you had not posted it so that any of your fans could read the series in chronological order so as to get a better idea of the development of the world you created.

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