April Question

What about the character of Magister Cassius? Is there more you can tell us about him besides that he was pulled through a chaos-order rift?

Actually, Cassius’s tale is told as a story in my collection — Viewpoints Critical — which is available in hardcover or trade paperback.  The story is called “Black Ordermage.”

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  1. Ambro says:

    How/where can I get one of your books in ebook format from Australia? I have tried but the US distributors don’t sell to Australia, and I can not find an Australian distributor that sells your books in ebook format.

    1. I wish I could give you a satisfactory answer. Frankly, Tor has had a hard time even getting hardcover and paperback distribution of my books in Australia. although I understand that Pan/Macmillan is doing so now.

  2. Tavares says:

    An easy answer and what I usually do, is order from a foreign book seller. Various authors that I read often release their books in foreign countries months prior to their US releases. Example: http://www.amazon.co.uk

    Just do a google search for whatever book you want in ebook format, then buy from a foreign seller but don’t forget to calculate the currency exchange so you’re not surprised when the book costs more/less.

    1. Ambro says:

      I have tried that but Amazon will not sell new books to Australian customers for reason I believe are related to distribution rights. I have no problems purchasing printed books via the second hand book market although I do have to wait longer before I can get the books I want. My question was focused on the ebook market which is only just taking off in australia and even internationally is very fragmented and not really focussed on customer needs.

  3. Thanks for writing VIEWPOINTS CRITICAL — it’s an excellent collection, even though I usually don’t enjoy fantasy. (I do enjoy hard science-fiction, and you do well with that, too.)

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