September Questions

You wrote the first and fifth book of the Recluce Saga in the first person perspective, but not any of the others. What was the reason for doing it that way?

When I develop a novel, I try to pay as much attention to the viewpoint perspective and the tense as to the plotting and the story. I thought about writing Lerris’s story in the third person, but, frankly, he would have come across as incredibly dense and spoiled unless I had literally filled the pages with his thoughts — even more so than is the case. By telling it directly in his words, I could let the reader see what he thought in a way far more effective and direct than telling the story in the third person. Each viewpoint and tense has strengths and limitations, and I believe an author should choose the perspective and tense which provide the greatest strength to the story at hand, and not necessarily tell every story in the “default” third person past tense.