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Just as renowned author L.E. Modesitt, Jr. explored the connection between science and art in his widely acclaimed novel, Archform: Beauty (Tor mm May 2003), he now delves into the insidious relationship between science, advertising, and politics in his thoughtful and entertaining new SF adventure, FLASH.

A man with deep convictions, Modesitt writes novels that are an intelligent and provocative blend of social, political, and technological explorations. His latest is no exception.


Set in the same far-future world as Archform: Beauty, Modesitt once again draws on his political background in FLASH. But as usual, Modesitt also touches on a myriad of current topics, both sociopolitical and personal, and offers his own thought-provoking social commentary:


Ten years ago, Jonat deVrai was a rising star in the Marines. But he shocked his superiors by walking away from the Corps after witnessing the atrocity and hypocrisy within the U.S. government. Today, he is one of the best prodplacement analysts in the world. With the development and increasing sophistication of personal filters, product placement and embedding have become both a commercial and financial necessity for the consumer and technical goods producing industries. Jonat is renowned for his incredible-and unbiased-talent for tracking and analyzing the effects prodplacing has on the marketplace. But although he's at the top of his game, he's living the disillusioned life of a conflicted man.


Now, NorAm is gearing up for another election. Political campaigns and agendas are sweeping the country, and the President faces another two years of fighting within the Senate. Jonat is intrigued when the Centre for Societal Research approaches him to study the effects of rez, the resonant amplification of music's emotional impact, and prod on political campaigns. In particular, the Centre is interested in Juan Carlisimo, who is running for Senate in the West Tejas district. By setting up each campaign appearance as a rezrock concert, Carlisimo is attracting a base audience and establishing himself as a trusted household product. But is what he is doing legal? It's Jonat's job to find out.


Thus, Jonat is thrust into the subversive world of politics, where everything is at stake, including his life. After two attempts are made to kill him, Jonat is forced to consider the possibility that someone involved in the campaign wants him out of the way. Or someone else, someone not directly involved with the campaign, wants him shut down before he finishes his report on Carlisimo. Jonat doesn't like any of the possibilities-and he's determined to find the answers. With his life on the line, it's imperative that he sort flash from fact before it's too late.


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L.E. Modesitt, Jr.
A Tor Mass Market Paperback
0-765-34992-2 / $7.99
July 2005


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