What I'm Writing
Currently, I'm working on finishing Lady-Protector, the sequel to The Lord-Protector's Daughter, and I've finally completed the last editorial changes to the next SF novel, Empress of Eternity, which will be released by Tor next October [2010].

Writing Updates
I've just turned in the manuscript of Imager's Intrigue -- the third book in The Imager Portfolio and am waiting for my editor's comments. The next book will be hard SF, but I don't have a title yet, and I've only written a few thousand words at this point.

I never posted the completion of The Lord Protector's Daughter, but it is done and in production, and I just finished and turned in the final manuscript of another stand-alone science fiction novel entitled Haze, which takes place some 2,000 years in the future ands postulates an entirely different "contact" scenario.

I've just completed the manuscript for the second book of The Imager Portfolio, entitled Imager's Challenge, which has not yet been scheduled by Tor, and I'm now working on another Corean Chronicles book.

I've just finished the manuscript for Imager, the first book in a brand new fantasy series, set in the capital city of L'Excelsis in the country of Solidar on the world of Terahnar. In this world, a very, very few individuals have the power to create objects through visualizing them-- a dangerous power that can often kill the imager, but a power that can change governments -- or maintain them. Rhennthyl is a journeyman portraiturist who is about to learn all about it.

Stories Scheduled for Publication
Currently, there are several short stories due to be published in various places. The first one is entitled "Spec-Ops," and it will appear in Baen Books' Future Weapons of War, which is an early March release. After that, in July, "The Difference" will appear in a paperback DAW anthology entitled Man Vs Machine. Then, in August, a novella ["The Lord-Protector's Daughter"] will appear online in Baen's Universe.

Mage-Guard of Hamor
Right at the moment, I'm finishing up with the fifteenth Recluce novel--Mage-Guard of Hamor. After I wind that up, I'll be working on some short stories that I've promised to several editors. And then... I don't know what comes next on the fiction front, except that it won't be a Corean Chronicles novel or another Recluce novel [not for a while, anyway].

I do have an article on the handling of information in science fiction that will appear shortly in an issue of The New York Review of Science Fiction; it's entitled "[Mis]Information Fantasy in Science Fiction".


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