Your Questions for the Author Answered

I still haven’t read that much F&SF recently, but from the books I have read, there are a few that struck me as worthy of mention, beginning with The Three-Body Problem, a Chinese novel by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu, an intriguing novel that appears to be the first volume in a series, and one that begins with the horrors of the years of the Red Guards, and then moves forward from there with chapters alternating between scientific developments and episodes in an elaborate computer game that turns out to be far more [but is NOT your typical immersive virtual reality]. While I have a problem, a significant one, with one proposed technological aspect of future technology, it’s still a very intriguing book. I also greatly enjoyed, just for fun, Carousel Seas, the second book in Sharon Lee’s Carousel Tides series, as well as Tad Williams’s first Bobby Dollar book — The Dirty Streets of Heaven. On a more philosophical nature, I also found thought-provoking E.O. Wilson’s The Meaning of Human Existence.