Treachery’s Tools

Treachery’s Tools, the tenth book in the Imager Portfolio, had its official release today, and is available in hardcover and e-book format from Tor books, and in audiobook form from Tantor Media, and also through Audible.

Thirteen years after Madness in Solidar, the high Holders should have learned that it’s not a good idea to apply treacherous tactics to the Collegium, especially not when Alastar is still the Maitre, even if he is growing a bit older, but like most parents of a ten year old daughter, when the High Holders start targeting student imagers, including Alastar’s daughter Lystara, there’s nothing Alastar won’t try to protect them — and her. And Alyna, his wife and Lystara’s mother, can be even more deadly. But will that deadliness be enough against an army mutiny, thousands of armed High Holder troopers, and treachery everywhere, possibly even within the Collegium and the Rex’s palace?

5 thoughts on “Treachery’s Tools”

  1. Albert C says:

    Excellent novel – they had it at B&N on Friday – actually went there hoping for that but not expecting it – so bought it on the spot and read it by the weekend; enjoyed it a lot, even more than Madness in Solidar as I got used to the more laid back style as opposed to Rhenn or Quaeryt’s novels, style that took me a while to get used in that one

    Question – is Assassin’s Price the last in this timeline?

    1. Assassin’s Price begins some three years after the conclusion of Treachery’s Tools with a different protagonist. I’m planning, but have not written, or even begun, except for notes, the sequel to Assassin’s Price.

  2. Albert C. says:

    We know (assuming what Rhenn told us when studying at the Collegium is actually true, this per the loss of historical memory of Quaeryt by Alastar’s time) which Rex was replaced by the Council on whom he took a leading role for life as a leading High Holder – my expectations is that the Suyrien high holders are that line btw – and in Treachery’s tools we clearly see the first glimmer of that, so my expectations have been that this series of novels will lead there.

    So happy to have more, whatever protagonist you choose and thank you for your answer!

  3. When is Assassin Price coming out and can you put me on your pre order list.
    Thanks A. Hicks

    1. Assassin’s Price will be a July 2017 release.

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