This One’s My Fault

I just received a copy of the paperback version of Madness in Solidar and was horrified, as well as mortified, to discover that the listing of my current and forthcoming books inside the front cover lists the next Imager Portfolio book as Tyrant’s Tools. How could that have possibly happened? Because, when Tor sent me the paperback page proofs of Madness in Solidar, the proofs didn’t list the next book. So, with my trusty red pen, I penned it in — except for some reason that totally escapes me, I thought I wrote in “Treachery’s Tools.” I was so sure of this that when I got the paperback copy, I got got my galleys [which I keep for various reasons] to see who screwed up… and this time I was the one. I had actually written “Tyrant’s Tools,” although that had never been a title, even in my mind, but that’s what got printed.

I’m noting this because a week or so ago, someone asked about “Tyrant’s Tools,” and I said it had to be a typo. Not exactly. It was author error, and no one else’s.

There you have it. I was the one.

3 thoughts on “This One’s My Fault”

  1. Alain says:

    Hi Mister L.E.M,

    I’m currently re-re-re-reading the “Imager Portfolio” after a long hiatus in the Land of Recluce & Corus. So the wait till the next book is welcome indeed.

    On book 1 now [nearly done]. Taking my time in time for “Tyran…”err “Treachery’s Tools” once its out. Teehee!

    Its still October, right?

    Thanks. Still a fan.

    1. Treachery’s Tools is still an October release.

  2. Nick Carter says:

    You often express political views in your blog. You will never achieve elected office by being honest. So I’m grateful you’ll just have to keep writing.

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